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Marley Foster (she/her) is a sculptor and educator from Houston, Texas.


Foster creates work around themes and questions of home, femininity, whiteness, and social change, through the lens of domestic objects and their material histories. Alternating between labor intensive sewing practices and intuitive processes like collage and photography, Foster uses art as an anthropological tool to expose and subvert the ways Houston’s history and institutional structures impact current disparities. She turns the visual language of southern domesticity (with a dose of humor and self-awareness) against itself as an entry point to ideating and building a generative, sustainable, communal future.

Foster earned BAs in Studio Art and English from Rice University, and recently earned her MFA in Sculpture from the University of Houston. Her work has most recently been featured in Annex Energy at SITE Gallery Houston, the Convergence Research platform at University of Houston, and at Art League Houston. In addition to her studio practice, Foster works as a writer, instructor, and program coordinator with various Houston art institutions. 

Find more on Instagram @notmarleyfoster

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